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Manresa Council – FORUM SA



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A living corporate design, with personality and impact for the municipal corporation for renovation in Manresa

Foment de la Rehabilitació Urbana de Manresa (FORUM SA) is the municipal corporation that implements policies to renovate housing and also manages the public housing market (subsidised rental accommodation, etc.), promotes housing, fundamentally state-protected accommodation, and other actions such as managing municipal car parks, etc. Grup Transversal was asked to modernise the company's image in order to present it as an innovative, powerful brand with personality and befitting an advanced company.

A graphic line was created that combined a bright colour scheme based on greens and blues (also with a grey scale version) and graphic elements with a range of shapes and sizes. The logo is an abstract shape although reminiscent of constructive elements and fulfils the function of adding personality and relevance to the brand, including a solid, elegant typography. Grup Transversal also produced applications of the new image for signs (posters, banners...), leaflets, etc. And subsequently also produced the graphic image for the new car parks managed by FÒRUM, based on the new brand image.