Pikolin brand centre

Pikolin, S.L.
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A new brand centre for the Pikolin company in Zaragoza

Pikolin, one of the leading mattress and bed product companies in the market, has created a new space emphasising its corporate values internationally: modernity, innovation, health and rest. Grup Transversal has been responsible for the design and installation of the new Pikolin brand centre, which marks a turning point in the technological evolution of museographic projects carried out for businesses.

The goal is to create an experience that intensifies immersion through the use of polarised mirrors and back-projected screens. The impact, created by combining two large polarised mirrors and generating an environment that’s fully reflected on the walls, floor and ceiling, produces a sense of great depth but essentially one of infinity, since the reflections generate infinite multiplication effects. The idea is to create a memorable brand experience by activating the visitors’ emotions and conveying a specific idea of the company.

Grup Transversal has developed the project on the basis of designing a narrative that provides a useful, emotional, immersive and surprising experience, with the support of impressive video-installations.