Park of La Sèquia

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A large leisure and recreational area along a splendid medieval canal

A group of councils in the Bages county, with the participation of private agents in the area, are promoting the Park of La Sèquia to turn this emblematic irrigation system from the 14th century into a heritage park; in other words, a kind of "green way" that becomes a place for recreation and leisure for residents and also an attraction for visitors.

Transversal has drawn up a plan that defines the area as a dynamic zone which, in the future, could offer visitors a variety of activities around it (horse riding, go-karts, bicycles, sailing, microlight flights, great festivals and events, etc.), many of which are already on offer on a piecemeal basis. The brand image that is starting to be developed must help to bring such activities together and encourage new ones under the umbrella of the Park of La Sèquia.