New video guides at La Pedrera

Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera
La Pedrera-Casa Milà, Barcelona
  • Noves videoguies a La Pedrera 1
  • Noves videoguies a La Pedrera 2
  • Noves videoguies a La Pedrera 3
  • Noves videoguies a La Pedrera 4
  • Noves videoguies a La Pedrera 5
  • Noves videoguies a La Pedrera 6
  • Noves videoguies a La Pedrera 7

Fully accessible video guides to discover La Pedrera's best-hidden secrets

With the aim of improving the user experience during visits to La Pedrera, Grup Transversal has renewed its audio guides, transforming them into interactive video guides.

One of the new features is the innovative use of infrared sensors to activate the audio and video tracks when visitors approach each of the different areas of interest. This allows them to choose the content in line with their own pace or interests.

Several information totems with QR codes have also been placed along the route. Once scanned, they offer exclusive extra content in the form of short videos covering different areas: architectural curiosities, historical anecdotes, information on the social and cultural life of the time, etc.

The video guide is available in 11 languages but is also highly committed to universal accessibility, including a visit in Catalan and Spanish sign language, as well as transcriptions of the audio information, a visit with audio description in Catalan, Spanish and English, and an easy-to-read visit that adapts the content for people with cognitive diversity.