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A journey in time to relive the world of the ancient muleteers

The Plan to optimise tourism for the Balsareny Muleteer Festival, produced the previous year, included as one of its priorities the creation of the Muleteer Museum, which was to be a centre to promote tourism in the town, focusing on the theme of the Muleteers throughout the year. The Museum also aims to promote new tourism activities, such as cart routes, related to the Park of La Sèquia.

The project drawn up by Transversal proposes a visit that starts with an audiovisual to introduce the basic concepts related to the world of muleteers, who used to carry goods throughout the region. Afterwards, visitors are invited to take a look around the ground floor of this typical house to embark on a kind of journey through time. This is a first-hand experience taking advantage of an evocative environment in which visitors can relive what the world of the old muleteers, now extinct, was like: the different types of transport, equipment and representative objects, the Muleteer Festival, etc. The Museum is likely to be complemented with real animals in the complex and routes throughout the surrounding area.