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Practical, user-friendly browsing to explain the huge variety of activities and attractions at Món Sant Benet

Món Sant Benet is a cultural and tourism project with a multiple dimensions. Guided tours, workshops, a wide range of leisure activities, accommodation and restaurant service, a gastronomic research centre, a venue for congresses... And the internet portal for this project had to be able to explain all these possibilities in a way that was simple and easy to understand.

Grup Transversal overcame this challenge by designing a website offering highly intuitive browsing, where the home page itself provided a compendium of what can be found at Sant Benet. Under an initial large format banner, programmed in player, there are small, very graphic banners that provide easy access to the sections on visits, workshops, restaurants or hotel, school or group area, congress area, etc.

A large amount of well-organised information with attractive but practical graphics and in four languages.