Mirador de Sant Joan - Exhibition Area

Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya FGC
Mirador del Funicular de Sant Joan (Montserrat)
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A "mirador" or viewpoint at over 1,000 metres above sea level that includes a visitor centre to explain the uniqueness of the mountain of Montserrat and the Central Catalonia Geopark

Grup Transversal was commissioned to produce four audiovisual pieces that show the richness of the mountain of Montserrat, projected in large format on the walls of the interpretation centre. The pieces were produced using different audiovisual techniques depending on their subject matter.
The audiovisual called "Montserrat as you've never seen it before" is a bird's-eye view taken with a drone. This video contains unprecedented views of the mountain of Montserrat and the Sant Joan Funicular station, highlighting the beauty of the location and created with new images recorded during the pandemic.
"The inland sea. The identity of a territory" is a piece that combines three audiovisual techniques: timelapse, animated illustrations and motion graphics. The narrative explains to visitors how the mountains of Montserrat were formed geologically, reflecting the uniqueness of the area.
The audiovisual piece "Flora and Fauna" reveals the area's vegetation and wildlife, using hitherto unseen photographs of the Montserrat Mountain Park. The audiovisual combines high quality images with illustrations by the artist Nirvana Jiménez.
And the fourth audiovisual projected in the area is "Geology, exploitation and culture", with images of all the singular geological area within the Central Catalonia Global Geopark. It's an educational audiovisual that shows some of the area's geological, cultural and natural wonders.