Master plan for the Old Town of Súria

Barcelona Provincial Council Cultural Heritage Office



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To promote, revitalise and bring tourists to the Old Town of Súria

The Old Town of Súria (the town's historical centre) was redeveloped a few years ago in an attempt to put a stop to the abandonment and marginalisation it was suffering. But the campaign "Traditional Old Town" did not produce the desired outcome. The Master Plan was commissioned due to the need to provide the site with a realistic proposal in order to revitalise it as a historical centre and tourist site.

Transversal produced a plan consisting of documenting the history and defining a core theme (“Old Town of Súria, a fortified town”), which served as an umbrella for cultural and tourist proposals, providing an overall vision. One the plan had been drawn up, visits to the Old Town were designed accordingly. The Council implemented the initial proposals contained in the Master Plan: a house in the Old Town was set up as an exhibition centre and Transversal was also asked for a proposal to manage the Old Town and establish a visitor centre at the castle.