Management of the Martinet Bunkers

Ajuntament de Montellà i Martinet


Martinet (Cerdanya)

  • Gestió del parc dels Búnquers de Martinet 0
  • Gestió del parc dels Búnquers de Martinet 1

Management and communication of a visitor centre for the Second World War bunkers in La Cerdanya

Grup Transversal designed and produced the Bunker Park project in Martinet and the Council also asked it to manage the facility, including handling the personnel and also attracting and boosting the loyalty of visitors.

Grup Transversal managed and recruited the facility's staff and also promoted the site and attracted more visitors, as well as collaborating with local accommodation services and restaurants, etc. It was also responsible for communication in the media (magazines, radio, etc.), press service, public relations, direct marketing, online channels, media tracking, etc.