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A comprehensive assignment consisting of attracting and managing visitors to a state of the art facility that raises awareness of the history of witches and bandits in the Montseny area

The Viladrau Council commissioned Grup Transversal to create and set up, and afterwards manage and market, the Espai Montseny, a facility with latest generation audiovisual technology whose aim is to provide detailed information on the world of witches and bandits in the Montseny area, opening its doors in spring 2013. Grup Transversal was already in charge designing and implementing the museographic project so the fact that it also took over the management led to a comprehensive model, starting with the planning and ending with the management of the day-to-day operations, attracting more visitors, etc.

At the Espai Montseny, Grup Transversal was responsible for the facility's staff (attending to visitors and reception, as well as tourist information as the facility is also a tourism and culture information point for the Montseny Natural Park). Marketing was carried out proactively, aimed at increasing visitor numbers and providing them with an attractive range of activities and products, not only for visits to the Espai Montseny per se but also packages including meals and/or accommodation throughout the area of Viladrau, with the additional goal of helping to boost the town's economy. For this reason, work was carried out in collaboration with businesses in the hospitality trade, companies offering activities, etc.