Launch campaign «Always new challenges»

Catalunya Caixa



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Ambitious global strategy for the launch campaign of Catalunya Caixa

Grup Transversal was responsible for the communication campaign to launch the new savings bank Catalunya Caixa. This was a global campaign involving the massive promotion of the brand throughout Spain, via different media and channels.

The campaign revolved around the concept "Always new challenges" and Grup Transversal was in charge of the following: creating the strategy (brand positioning) and the slogan (Always new challenges), as well as the overall design of the advertising campaign, taking the form of an ambitious TV and radio advertisement and press and online ads. Transversal was also asked to create and design various applications (posters, banners, graphic image for cashpoints, etc).

The campaign's design revolved around the concept of technological evolution which has helped humanity to progress throughout history, focusing on the idea that there are always new challenges to overcome. Within this context, the new savings bank was born. The design includes illustrations which, on a black background, provide an attractive and highly visual way to present this technological evolution in various areas.