La Sèquia and water

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Dipòsits Vells, Manresa

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The history of a great hydraulic engineering project in the Middle Ages via a large format display

Transversal was commissioned to produce an exhibition to explain a large medieval engineering project, the irrigation canal or Sèquia of Manresa, from a historical and technical point of view. The venue for this exhibition was a room in the building of the old water tanks or "Dipòsits Vells" in Manresa, a museum that belongs to the Network of Science and Technology Museums of Catalonia and which, at the same time, forms part of the Park of La Sèquia.

The result is a setup adapted to a large space, carried out using three resources: large format printed cloths to create a suitable environment for the proportions of the building, large format panels and the objects being exhibited. An attractive setup that explains the history of La Sèquia from the time it was built right up to the present day.