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Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera


La Pedrera, Barcelona

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A unique, exclusive experience within the unbeatable setting of La Pedrera

La Pedrera, one of the most original Modernista buildings and located in one of the most prestigious settings in Barcelona, has distinctive areas that are fully equipped to hold symposia, talks, meetings and other activities. Grup Transversal is responsible for handling the marketing and for running these remarkable areas which are inviting, stunning and capable of creating a unique experience.

Transversal offers a team of professionals capable of producing exclusive themed proposals in line with the client's needs, adapting to and collaborating with projects of different types and requirements. The Auditorium, the Gaudí Room and the Quatre Gats Room in La Pedrera are the areas marketed by Transversal. Another particular and highly exclusive feature is that Transversal also offers clients visits to La Pedrera, both during the day and at night, ensuring a unique, differentiated service.