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La Pedrera introduces new elements to make the visit more evocative

Grup Transversal has modernised the visit to La Pedrera and has aligned it with the concerns of today’s audiences, which not only seek to contemplate and understand monuments but also to enjoy new evocative experiences for an unforgettable visit. To achieve this, a project has been developed with the goal of making the building come alive, move, pulsate and breathe: all to ensure the idea of La Pedrera as a natural masterpiece can be understood immediately on an experiential level.

New projections, sound effects, dynamic lighting and improved graphics make the tour through the building an evocative experience that highlights Gaudí’s vision of nature. The new lighting system (designed and implemented by Grup Transversal) improves the architectural perception and interpretation of the space and, thanks to programming by sections, synchronised with a range of sound effects, the building comes alive. Transversal has also created new videos explaining how La Pedrera was inspired by nature. This piece has already had 50,000 views. The finishing touch to all these improvements is the addition of new lighting on the staircases to emphasise their architectural quality.

In short, this is a revamped visit that helps visitors to connect with the building through their emotions thanks to the use of innovative elements linked to the transmission of instructional content adapted to all levels of understanding.