Illa de la Pietat museum project

Vic City Council
  • Illa de la Pietat 1
  • Illa de la Pietat 2
  • Illa de la Pietat 3
  • Illa de la Pietat 4
  • Illa de la Pietat 5

A project to raise awareness of the historical and artistic wealth of Vic via one of the city's most diverse heritage sites

The Illa de la Pietat complex helps visitors to discover where the city of Vic was born; the very location that, century after century, has evolved to incorporate the thoughts and feelings of its inhabitants. To highlight its value, the project provides an audio-guided tour of the site and an immersive audiovisual in the Sacrament Chapel, which is also one of the places where visitors can see the Roman archaeological remains of Auso.
The story is anchored in art as a universal value and a means of identifying the most important historical moments in the city's growth. In the different scenes, windows are opened in which the artistic works of each period connect us with its inhabitants and we relive the key moments of the city and the whole region. The journey that begins with Iberian art continues up to the present day to show the dynamism of a city in which creativity and art continue to be the driving force.
The setting and perception of space were transformed by means of 270-degree audiovisual mapping technology in the chapel, as well as illuminating the archaeological remains. The audiovisual approach draws on the artistic works, recomposing them and creating new environments by integrating 2D and 3D. 
This new museography aims to create an innovative cultural and tourist resource for Vic that will become an attraction and enhance what the city has to offer its visitors.