Ignasi Domènech, master chef

Caixa Foundation, Manresa


Plana de l’Om exhibition hall, Manresa

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An innovative chef and publisher from Manresa in a fascinating and surprising display

The exhibition “Ignasi Domènech, master chef” aimed to pay homage to this gastronome born in Manresa in 1874 and to highlight his most relevant features, as a cook and gastronomic publisher.

The exhibition had three sections. The first displayed, through his suitcases, the restless man who travelled the main European capitals in search of the most important kitchens of the time. In the second, we found an overview of him as a chef, with the recreation of a kitchen, of the kind which prevailed in the restaurants of the time. In the third section, the scene of an office allowed us to get to know Ignasi Domènech the writer, publisher and journalist. The exhibition closed with an audiovisual presentation exploring the figure of the gastronome. Stylistically, the exhibition was a subjective recreation through the use of different scenes, based on some of the places and milieus linked to this character’s life.