Great entrepreneurs of the 20th century

Caixa de Manresa Foundation


Plana de l’Om exhibition hall (Manresa)

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Exhaustive and revealing portrait of the key figures in Bages industry

The Chamber of Commerce of Manresa celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2006. A commemorative exhibition was commissioned to highlight the people and industries that have stood out for their innovative contribution to the area's business fabric. That's why, rather than the corporate life of the organisation, the exhibition focuses on the protagonists and sectors that have made Manresa and the Bages one of the most important places for commerce and industry in Catalonia.

The exhibition shows the economic and commercial history of these one hundred years, divided into the most relevant sectors. One person has been chosen for each sector that stands out for their innovative spirit: Joan Jorba (retail), Joan Ponsa (ribbon trade), Joaquim and Enric Gomis (electricity), Ramon Roqueta (wine), Eusebi Bertran i Serra (textiles), among others. These people were not isolated figures but have served as an inspiration for other entrepreneurs constituting a representative sector.

The setup for the exhibition, in line with the material it covers, has also adopted an innovative approach. Through a succession of synthetic panels, with shapes reminiscent of industrial design, images are presented of the main companies and activities throughout these hundred years, interspersed with images of the people in question.