GAIA - Kutxaespacio

La Kutxa


Espacio Kutxa, Basque Country. Basque Country

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GAIA, an exciting energy-related museographic project, spectacular and innovative

GAIA, the new exhibition of KutxaEspacio, has the chance to define a different and remarkable exhibition model of a scientific nature. In this setting, the basic features of the model applied by Transversal are diverse. First of all, an exciting museum is planned. This forms the core of the proposal: experiencing the adventure of energy as something that's very important but also very close to us, where visitors take centre stage.

On the other hand, the project also plans a formally advanced museum. An innovative museum whose appearance is in line with today's canons but with a certain sobriety that helps it to mitigate the passing of time. And, finally, a thematically thorough museum: A museum that's not a "spectacle" even though it can be "spectacular". Emotion, innovation must always be supported by solid content.

Following these parameters, Transversal has designed a museographic project with latest generation resources, with the planning and content of Sinergie Value.