Exhibitions for the Montserrat Rural Park

Barcelona Provincial Council
Olesa de Montserrat and other Montserratí municipalities
  • Parc Rural del Montserrat 1
  • Parc Rural del Montserrat 2

A walk to get to know the Montserrat Rural Park

The Montserrat Rural Park was created in 2014 as the result of local councils' desire to preserve and revitalise this natural area. This year Grup Transversal has been commissioned to conceptualise two exhibitions to highlight and disseminate the work carried out.

The first exhibition is permanent and is located in a room at the Cal Puigjaner building in the town of Olesa de Montserrat. It consists of a series of graphic elements that explain the Rural Park project and highlight how it helps to structure the region and contribute to its development by promoting sustainable agriculture and livestock farming, forestry management, craft activities and the consumption of local products. It also reviews the region's heritage in terms of its people, culture, history, gastronomy and landscape.

The exhibition also has audiovisual resources that project "Rural Stories", three short documentaries whose aim has been to express the views of several local farmers to raise awareness of the role played by agriculture and stockbreeding.

The second exhibition travels around all the municipalities that form part of the Park and it has been designed to offer visitors a small taste of what can they can see in the permanent exhibition at Cal Puigjaner. It consists of two large tables with posters containing information about the Park. This exhibition has been designed to be displayed both indoors and outdoors.