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A latest generation audiovisual project to pass on the stories and legends and witches and bandits

The Espai Montseny is a centre-based experience that helps to understand the essence of the Montseny area and the stories and legends of the bandits and witches that used to live there, via latest generation multimedia technology. The Espai has also been designed to help boost tourism in the area and as a tourist information point for the Montseny Nature Park.

This is an evocative facility with museographic techniques that include large format audiovisuals available in four languages, holograms, multi-projections, etc., in a project never before seen in Catalonia. Specifically, there are two spectacular audiovisual programmes (Espai Bandits and Espai Witches), with surround sound and image effects, that plunge visitors into the magical atmosphere of the woods of Montseny and in which the public see holograms of bandits and women appear and disappear into the water, witness rituals of witchcraft, etc.

A third area includes extensive information on the Nature Park of Montseny and Viladrau, with recommendations for excursions, recreational and cultural activities. Finally, outside, an area has been conditioned in the centre of Viladrau, a place known as Sot dels Vernets, to locate an arboretum. Various species of medicinal plants and herbs have been planted there, related to the world of witchcraft. The project forms part of the Tourism Competitiveness Plan Woods of Witches and Bandits.