Espai CITA, in the Pallars Jussà region

Pallars Jussà County Council


Espai CITA, Talarn (Pallars Jussà)

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To explain the arrival of electricity and its importance for the Pallars region

The aim of this open-air exhibition was to raise awareness of the county of Pallars Jussà though a very attractive theme, the arrival of the hydroelectric plants. In Catalonia, the possibility of generating electricity meant the end of dependence on coal while boosting the Pallars economy at a time of serious economic and social crisis.

The estate located next to the Sant Antoni reservoir and the hydroelectric complex created by the company La Canadenca is the ideal venue to raise awareness of this time in Catalonia's history. The intervention proposed is made up of three different resources: audio guides, interpretative stands and directional signage.