Economy Seminars

Caixa Manresa / Caixa Manresa Foundation


Sant Fruitós de Bages / Sant Benet de Bages

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Implementing the image and graphic applications of the most important business meeting in central Catalonia

For 17 years, from 1996 to 2011, Caixa Manresa (subsequently the Caixa Manresa Foundation and afterwards Catalunya Caixa) held the Economy Seminar, an annual meeting with the participation of a large number of people from the fields of economics, business and politics in the region, based on talks and round tables with internationally renowned experts.

Grup Transversal played a very important role in the organisation of a large number of these seminars, carrying out the press service and communication for the event but also in managing producing the graphic image and all the seminar materials. Transversal designed the corporate image for a large number of the seminars and was in charge of applying this image to a wide range of media (banners, posters, panels and billboards, screens, signs, special publications, audiovisual materials, blogs, folders...).

At some seminars, Transversal was also responsible for all the technical and audiovisual aspects: sound, image, large LED screen... A comprehensive effort that ensured organisational success.