Creation of new nature activities at MónNatura Delta de l'Ebre

Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera

Spring 2017

  • Creació de noves activitats de natura a MónNatura Delta de l’Ebre  0
  • Creació de noves activitats de natura a MónNatura Delta de l’Ebre  1

A hands-on experience to immerse yourself in the flora and fauna of the Ebro Delta

In order to update and revitalise the activities at MónNatura Delta de l'Ebre, Grup Transversal, in charge of managing the facility and the visit and workshop service, has provided a new package of activities focusing on observing the nature and birdlife at the Delta. This new attraction includes "Un mar d'ocells" (A sea of birds), a boat trip to observe marine bird life; the course "Els cants dels ocells" (Birdsong), a workshop to learn how to identify birds by sight and sound; an excursion "Les aus del Delta de l'Ebre" (Birds of the Ebro Delta) which provides an introduction to birdwatching; the celebration of World Migratory Bird Day to raise awareness of the conservation of these species and their habitats, including the ringing and release of birds; as well as a nature photography course aimed at people with a basic knowledge of photography. Transversal is developing this new series of activities for the first time, being responsible for their design, organisation and management. The project also includes the design and production of a range of promotional and marketing materials.