Colours of the Mediterranean

Documentation Centre and Textile Museum of Terrassa (CDMT)



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A stroll through the ‘palette of colours’ of Mediterranean civilisations

“Colours of the Mediterranean” shows the natural dyes most used by the civilizations that populated the Mediterranean area from classical antiquity, explaining topics from the meaning of the colours to the preindustrial dyeing processes.

This exhibition, conceptualised, designed and produced by Transversal, is made up of objects from the Documentation Centre and Textile Museum of Terrassa (CDMT), through which the visitor takes a tour of the palette of colours of Mediterranean Europe (12th-19th century) and gets to know the systems for obtaining the natural colourings and their forms of use. It's complemented by audiovisual presentations that explain different parts of the dye production process.

The exhibition discourse is based on a reflection on the possibilities of natural dyes as a sustainable alternative for industrial production, and concludes with examples of companies that work in this way.