Client zone for NTT DATA's new headquarters in Barcelona

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Innovative memorable experiences for the new corporate facility at NTT DATA's Barcelona offices

In 2022, the multinational consultancy NTT DATA opened its new offices in Barcelona. The building, called Les torres del mar (Sea Towers), is designed to promote and celebrate the talent of its professionals and the uniqueness and creativity of the city of Barcelona. On the floor dedicated to receiving clients, a whole innovative space has been given over to unconventional meeting rooms so that visitors can enjoy a memorable and unique experience.

Under the concept "Talented people", Grup Transversal has created a series of experiences that take visitors on a journey through the history of science and technology from the point of view of the men and women who, thanks to their genius, creativity and perseverance, have helped to develop some of the major breakthroughs occurring up to the present day.

The meeting rooms are designed to be inspirational spaces. Each one is dedicated to a particular person who embodies one of the company's key values, so that visitors can identify with them. Once inside, each person's story can be experienced through three complementary layers which, when combined, become a totally enveloping and immersive experience: firstly, the setting of the theme; secondly, the creation of a dynamic visual atmosphere; and lastly, an audiovisual and interactive action using mappings, holograms and touch screens.

A Wall of Talent can also be seen in the foyer. This consists of a wall of light with presence detectors so that, as visitors pass by, they're shown the inventions and breakthroughs of 50 important figures in the history of science and technology. The wall is connected to the rooms of the different famous people by means of programmed LED lights that progress along the walls and ceiling.

These experiences are complemented by other corporate spaces, such as an immersive infinity room and another room full of interactive resources that provides a taste of the Living Lab, NTT DATA's innovation centre located in Pere i Pons street.

These experiences are easily managed via a user-friendly tablet that activates and controls all the audiovisual and lighting effects.