Church of the Pons Colony

XATIC/Council of Puig-Reig


Church of the Pons Colony, Puig-Reig

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Audiovisual museum project, with effect but respectful, at the church of Can Pons

To turn a sacred place such as the Church of Cal Pons into a museum venue, it was necessary to be totally respectful with the building.

For this reason, Transversal's project is based on creating three spaces interpreted via audiovisual installations. Of particular note is the creation of a multimedia altarpiece. In other words, using a central structure of four screens, accompanied by eight fixed images, eight objects and two pepper ghosts that interact, the story is explained of the visit by King Alfons XIII to the colonies in Berguedà. At the heart a much more intimate space has been created, using the programming of two counterpoised audiovisuals, explaining the differences between the education of boys and girls throughout the 20th century at industrial colonies. Finally, in the ruling family's crypt, an audiovisual is projected directly on the tombs of Mr. Pons and his wife, also generating a disquieting atmosphere and accompanied by sound effects.