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Project for an immersive, interactive museum in praise of the impressive "human towers"

After an initial phase, Grup Transversal was chosen from a total of five companies to take part in a pitch held by Valls Council to design the museographic project for the future Casteller Museum, focusing on the Catalan tradition of human towers.

Grup Transversal's design, entitled “Strength, balance, bravery, wisdom + Epic”, is based on both the tradition and prominence of human towers, focusing on the current and future reality of the world of castellers, as well as proposing that this should be the first totally interactive museum in the whole of Catalonia, using new technologies to produce a new approach of a totally immersive and hands-on museum.

The concept for the interior design was totally related to the formal idea planned for the space with the graphic design also following the same lines, achieving the aim of reinforcing the epic nature of human towers. The proposal includes a plan of uses and functions, as well as the route and paths taken throughout the space, adapted to the venue's characteristics.