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An innovative museographic project for the Casa de les Punxes based on the legend of Saint George and the building's architecture

The Casa de les Punxes has once again opened its doors to the public, after 100 years. And this has partly been possible thanks to Grup Transversal, which has been responsible for creating and implementing the strategic plan and museographic project in this emblematic Modernista building in the city of Barcelona. 

The museographic project was based on two lines of action: a thematic line related to the legend of Saint George and also a line highlighting the Casa de les Punxes and its architect, Josep Puig i Cadafalch.

The museography of both aims to captivate and immerse visitors in a sensory experience using an innovative approach in terms of visuals and explanations, moving away from more conventional models of visits to house-museums. This has resulted in a fascinating and exciting visit for all kinds of people. 

By implementing the project, Grup Transversal has helped this new cultural site in Barcelona to become available to the public.