Brand Centre of Mas de Colom - Casa Borges

Borges International Group
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A brand centre that creates enduring memories for visitors thanks to its immersive design

Olive oil and dried fruits and nuts constitute the flagship in a wide range of products representing the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle in the world. But what does this lifestyle mean? Borges and its products explain this to us in its new brand centre, designed by Grup Transversal, which revolves around Mas Colom and its Cistercian convent, as well as the history of the company's founders, of all the family's generations and all the people committed to this tradition.
Grup Transversal has worked to create an experience that improves people's perception of the brand's positioning and attributes and, above all, to create enduring  memories for visitors. In this respect, the values of the brand and produce and the heritage of Mas Colom have become the backbone for the conceptualisation of the story and experience.
With the aim of presenting the facility in the best possible way, and with maximum efficiency in communication, we have opted for a surprising, sensorial museographic approach, comprising a room with an immersive audiovisual, mapped videos, a multi-sensorial showroom, interactive maps and technological panels. To round off the experience, the visit culminates with a guided tasting that relates all the concepts explained throughout the tour while visitors have the opportunity to savour some of the best Borges products.