Avinent stand for the IDS fair in Cologne

Cologne, Germany
  • Stand AVINENT Koln 1
  • Stand AVINENT Koln 2
  • Stand AVINENT Koln 3
  • Stand AVINENT Koln 4
  • Stand AVINENT Koln 5
  • Stand AVINENT Koln 6
  • Stand AVINENT Koln 7
  • Stand AVINENT Koln 8

Visual impact and technological innovation for the new Avinent stand

Avinent has attended the International Dental Show in Cologne, Germany with a multimedia stand that amazed everyone with its impactful, ground-breaking appearance, maintaining the communication strategy established for the company's  new phase whilst complying with the requirements and dimensions of the location. 
Transversal, which was in charge of coming up with the original idea, the graphic design, production and assembly of the stand initially presented at EXPODENTAL (Madrid, 2022), carried out a conversion to adjust this to the needs of the new location, as well as to incorporate improvements and adapt the focus of its digital content. 
The stand was made up of four large LED screens that referred to the four elements of matter - earth, water, air and fire - as well as the four broad product lines of this medical corporation: Avinent Implant System, Avinent CAD CAM, Avinent CMF and Avinent Orthodontics. 
The result was a success and the structures were perfectly adapted to the new context, demonstrating the versatility of this model of technological multimedia stand and its ease of adaptation to wherever it needs to be placed.