The Avinent stand for the Expodental 2022 trade fair

Avinent Science and Technology
Expodental, Madrid
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Visual impact and technological innovation for Avinent's new stand

Avinent has embarked on a new phase in 2022 with the aim of achieving a new positioning as a leading company in the technology and innovation sector. And it has done so by presenting itself with a stand that surprised those attending the Expodental Fair in Madrid, thanks to its striking and ground-breaking appearance.

The stand, which covered a total area of 372 m2, was crowned by a large sculptural structure formed by a truss whose aim is to represent the idea of the Avinent World: with a large central sphere projected with lasers. The stand also featured four large LED screens in the shape of a 6-metre high triangle, alluding to the constituent elements of matter: air, fire, earth and water. In fact, these elements represented the inspiration for the medical corporation's four major product lines: Avinent Implant System, Avinent CAD CAM, Avinent CMF and Avinent Orthodontics.

A large stand based on a disruptive approach in line with Avinent's new phase of communication. The stand was divided into three different sections: a product display area, a central square where live product demonstrations could be watched on a large screen, and a relations zone.

Transversal was in charge of the entire project, from the conceptualisation to the graphic design, production, assembly and dismantling.