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Expodental, Madrid

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AVINENT implants: an exciting experience that comes from nature

Grup Transversal was commissioned to develop the communication strategy of AVINENT Implant System, a leading company in the dental implantology sector at an international level. In the 2012 Expodental trade fair, the main event for this sector in Spain, held in Madrid, AVINENT showed an audiovisual presentation which was projected at their spectacular stand measuring more than 250m2.

Transversal developed and produced the large format audiovisual presentation, entitled "AVINENT Experience", which was projected in an enclosed, circular space located in the middle of the stand, thus creating an enveloping and spectacular sensation. The presentation’s argument was based on the fact that the surface of AVINENT implants is made from calcium and phosphor, elements found in nature and that boost the assimilation of the implant by human bone. On this basis, and thanks to latest generation technologies and complex R&D work, AVINENT develops high quality implants. 

The audiovisual presentation, with animation techniques and modern and spectacular graphic images using three-dimensional shapes, aimed to go far beyond a simple product presentation from the medical field: it was conceived so that the spectator would have an emotive and captivating experience. AVINENT is not only a dental implants company but, using elements taken from nature, it's committed to technology and science and provides us with a positive and exciting experience.