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A top class corporate tool to reinforce the image of a leading industrial company

"Attraction" is the name given to AUSA's new corporate magazine, a leading company in the industrial vehicle sector for construction, industry, cleaning and agriculture. The company has an internal publication and Grup Transversal was asked to reformulate this and turn it into a publication to raise awareness among stakeholders of the different products and activities. The publication's goals are to reinforce the company's corporate image and promote a regular channel of communication for both internal and external publics, as a means of boosting client loyalty.

After carrying out a detailed analysis of similar publications already on the market, Grup Transversal was in charge of all the conception, design and production of content for the new magazine, which is published in Spanish and English: from proposing a name (Attraction) to the final layout and production. Based on a proposed index, with content of interest to clients, suppliers and potential public, Grup Transversal produced all the texts, managed the photographic work and was responsible for the design and layout.

An attractive, striking design was created for the new publication with a predominance of images, elements that were easy and quick to read and also novel graphics. Particular care was taken with the cover and Transversal avoided conventional styles to offer a highly evocative image, something that is particularly innovative in a sector such as industry. The publication contains interviews, corporate and product information, aspects related to research and internationalisation and also some historical facts, among other content.