#APROP Experience for Llet Nostra

Llet Nostra
Institute of Agrifood Research and Technology, Monells
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An experiential, interactive experience to learn about the importance of the primary sector in Catalonia

An increasing number of children live in big cities and, for them, a farm is as idyllic and fantastic as the images they see in cartoons. The #APROP Experience, designed and implemented by Grup Transversal for Llet Nostra, is aimed at them and all those who are interested in the origin of food and values such as sustainability, the circular economy, animal welfare and local produce.
The #APROP Experience, which takes place at the Vacum Station in Monells, in the Baix Empordà region, begins with a tour of the farm to show visitors up close how the animals live, as well as to meet all the people who work in this environment and the role played by each one in ensuring everything runs smoothly. 
After touring the facilities, the Experience continues with an interesting immersive audiovisual, in 230 degrees and projected onto three large surfaces, which explains all the work carried out on a farm like the one in Monells. The audiovisual is interactive and the protagonists are real people from the milk sector: a farmer, a vet, a researcher and a family of consumers. The Experience ends with an educational, interactive tasting that allows visitors to discover and savour Llet Nostra's products.