A global communication strategy for Clínica Sant Josep

Althaia Xarxa Assistencial de Manresa Fundació Privada
  • Estratègia global de comunicació de la Clínica Sant Josep  0

Grup Transversal is now in charge of the communication for Clínica Sant Josep.

Clínica Sant Josep forms part of Althaia, a private non-profit foundation, and is a leading hospital in central Catalonia's private medical insurance sector. The institution needs to establish core communication to define the attributes of Clínica Sant Josep and, based on these, to determine what should be communicated, why and how within a coherent objective-based plan.

Grup Transversal has produced a strategic plan to define a global communication and marketing strategy and a communication plan that specifies the actions aimed at attracting new customers while also boosting the loyalty of existing clients.

Its work includes the creation and design of a new, more up-to-date corporate identity capable of conveying the hospital's status as a leader with a specific number of messages to boost brand awareness in Catalonia.

Grup Transversal has also produced a new website with a much more visual design and a new content structure that aims to communicate the quality of the healthcare provided that covers a very wide range of medical specialties, highlighting the hospital's particular areas of specialisation and its reputation.

Grup Transversal is therefore responsible for all the communication within the hospital's relational and digital strategy, as well as the media (advertising and publicity) and direct communication, and also the day-to-day communication.