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Gironella Town Council
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An interactive tour to learn about the history of Gironella

“The thread of history" is an interactive experience of discovery designed by Grup Transversal that enables visitors to understand what life was like in Gironella throughout its history. Using a distinctive feature of the town as its central motif, namely textiles, visitors have the chance to immerse themselves in a range of topics, such as the evolution of local industry, the geographical location of the town, its river as a source of wealth, experiences regarding the phenomenon of witchcraft...
The tour makes use of three resources which, in combination, create a wonderful experience: six staged interpretative points, a signage totem for each one and a mobile application created especially for the occasion. All these ingredients need to be combined to fully enjoy the visit as each adds its own perspective.

The totems placed along the route take their inspiration from the weft and warp of fabrics and serve to identify each interpretive point, as well as providing a narrative to interconnect all of them. Each totem has a unique pattern which must be entered into the app like a password. This activates the points and their scenography comes to life by means of audio tracks and the use of augmented reality technology that adds virtual elements to the physical sets.

Each scenario offers a unique discovery accompanied by an enigma that must be solved in order to continue with the activity. To achieve this, visitors have to put their ingenuity to the test, as well as their ability to find the clues hidden among the different elements of each setting.