The spectacle of the mine

Mining Route Consortium



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A spectacular place with projections and holograms to explain mining in the Berguedà area

The aim of this project is to broaden the conceptual content and physical space of the Cercs Mining Museum and create a new attraction for visitors.

The idea is based not so much on providing documentary information but on an experiential project that surprises visitors and helps them experience what they will never be able to do: know first-hand how to work inside the most modern mine that has ever existed in the Berguedà area and also go down into the depths of something that no longer exists.

The museography includes projections, holograms and innovative light, sound and image effects with spectacular projections on large screens and a surround effect. Moreover, taking advantage of the resources applied to this centre, a latest generation educational workshop has been developed based on the creation of spectacular interactive resources. The workshop's aim is for students to learn how a mine worked via role play.