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Audiovisual museographic project inspired by piracy for Castelldefels Castle

The castle is the most outstanding element of heritage for the town of Castelldefels. Over the last few years, a number of heritage resources have been renovated, most particularly the church, carried out by Barcelona Provincial Council. The Council asked Grup Tranversal for a master plan to complement a range of uses and a museographic project for the zones that would be interpreted.

Transversal proposed a markedly audiovisual museography that transports visitors to the historical times and events in question. The proposal is to thematise the church and the ground floor with the theme of pirates, strongly linked to the history of Castelldefels and with a symbolic force that could be a significant attraction for visitors.

This proposal is complemented with areas for official acts and interpretive areas based on the figure of Guinovart. The idea is to present his artistic work and personality in an evocative, impressive way, as well as to create multipurpose spaces for a range of uses.