Signage in La Pedrera

Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera
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Signage in La Pedrera: an important point of contact for communication with visitors

Visitors to tourist areas generally don’t have experience or knowledge of the places they visit. That’s why La Pedrera commissioned Grup Transversal to help it make the most of its corporate identity and to boost its brand in the eyes of its visitors. Detailed study of the project, research and attention to the smallest details have been crucial in order to properly apply the brand, closely following the proportions, fonts, colours and even the materials and finishes that are most in line with La Pedrera’s identity.

Signs, finishes and technology all need to be constantly updated and modernised in a visual sector such as this, since this makes it easier for visitors to observe and understand the space through recognisable registers and helps them to rapidly identify the most important aspects La Pedrera wishes to reveal.

However, Grup Transversal has taken a step further, realising that the signs, posters and all the space’s informative media elicit emotional responses that are very important when it comes to awakening sensations and creating an immersive experience.