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Grup Vilardell Purtí



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Powerful, modern image to bring together the industrial and medical divisions of Grup Vilardell Purtí

Vilardell Purtí created the brand AVINENT and Grup Transversal had already designed the launch strategy for its communication and designed its graphic image. Immediately afterwards, the parent company, Grup Vilardell Purtí, also needed to renew its brand and bring the industrial and medical division under the same umbrella. The brand image of Vilardell Purtí was associated exclusively with the industrial part, with colours, logos and brand image using references from the metal industry. The aim of the work carried out by Grup Transversal was to create a new image that also conveyed the values of the new medical division (research, scientific thoroughness, etc.) while maintaining the spirit of innovation, hard work and service of the industrial division.

A diaphanous image was created with soft, friendly colours, more befitting the serious, clean and clear image of the medical line but at the same time powerful and innovative. Of note are the gentle tones of green and blue, far removed from the more solid navy blue of the previous image. This image permits many different applications and conveys values of modernity, solidity and thoroughness.