Reform and conception of the new image for the 'Embruixabruixes' attraction at Tibidabo

Parc d'Atraccions del Tibidabo



  • Reforma i concepció de la nova imatge de l’atracció Embruixabruixes del Tibidabo 0

A new, intensely emotional experience for the 'Embruixabruixes' attraction at Tibidabo

Grup Transversal, together with the company Constructora del Cardoner and MIAS Architects, carried out the reform of the old attraction ‘Magatzem de Bruixes i Bruixots’, now called 'Embruixabruixes', at the Tibidabo Amusement Park.

Thanks to the introduction of new technologies and multimedia engineering conceptualised by Transversal, an underground world has been created with magical surprises that surprise visitors as they ride through on a small train. Programs of LED lights, audiovisual projections, mirror effects, holograms, staged effects, etc. accompanied by a soundtrack composed especially for the occasion, all help to recreate these subterranean tunnels inhabited by the goblins, witches and wizards of Barcelona.  

As a result, Grup Transversal has helped to develop an exciting, fun-filled ride with great impact, produced by MIAS Architects, thanks to the conception, production and implementation of different high quality audiovisual and staging elements.