Project for the Roman Museum of Premià de Mar

Premià de Mar Town Council
Premià de Mar
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The carefully planned deployment of multimedia resources enhances and highlights the remains of this site from the Roman era with a high-impact immersive experience

The project is located in the Roman complex of Can Ferrerons, a remarkable place thanks to its octagonal floor plan and unique due to its state of conservation and the purpose for which it was originally created, namely leisure.
The remains at this impressive site are enhanced and interpreted by means of an experiential narrative and the extensive use of multimedia resources: audiovisual recreations with actors, 3D recreations of the exteriors and interiors of the building, various motion graphics to recreate the arrangement of the different spaces and architectural details and, finally, the mapping technique that brings to life a mosaic discovered at the site. All of this creates an immersive experience of great impact, taking visitors on a journey back in time to the 6th century.
In this journey through time, visitors begin in the present and travel back into the past via a ramp that illustrates the different periods, finally reaching the Roman era and ending with a visit to the site itself, where visitors can relive a celebration at its most splendid moment.
The new museum design aims to convert this Roman site into an immersive experience that connects visitors with the Roman history of Premià.