«Oló to the rhythm of the loom»

Consortium to promote tourism in the municipalities of Moianès


Santa Maria d’Oló (Barcelona)

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A unique account to help understand the importance of the textile industry at Santa Maria d’Oló

Grup Transversal, aside from carrying out the physical museography of the ‘Oló to the rhythm of the loom’ exhibition, was also commissioned to produce an interview-format audiovisual presentation. This presentation, designed, scripted, recorded and post-produced by Transversal, contains the personal accounts of people who had worked in the two factories of Borràs and Hemalosa. The setting up of these factories changed the town forever, which at times was almost like an industrial colony governed by the wishes of the factory owners.

The aim of this audiovisual presentation was to emphasise the value of oral memory as an essential tool for learning about and disseminating experiences linked to the town’s textile past.

Using a previously designed script that served as a guide throughout the audiovisual, people recounted their memories related to each thematic area. In order to make the presentation more understandable, the interview format was combined with archive images that helped to support the narrative.