New image for AVINENT's “Sharing Knowledge” congresses



  • Nova imatge per als congressos “Sharing Knowledge” d’AVINENT 0
  • Nova imatge per als congressos “Sharing Knowledge” d’AVINENT 1

An evolution in brand image for the new Sharing Knowledge congresses

The success of the first AVINENT congress, held in Barcelona, encouraged the firm to organise more congresses with a smaller format throughout Spain. Entitled “Sharing Knowledge”, the aim of these seminars is to discuss the keys to the new digital paradigm in dentistry.

Grup Transversal, which was responsible for creating the graphic image for the first congress and for designing set-ups using different elements based on this image, was asked to further develop the graphic design of the image for the congress while maintaining the essence of the initial concept. Grup Transversal was also commission to design and produce the different settings for this new format of congresses, which will be held at different locations in Spain.