Master plan for the Manresa Museum of Technology

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A plan to turn the Old Stores of Manresa into a Ribbon Trade Museum and a large multipurpose area

The Old Stores of Manresa are located in a reconditioned building, allocated for some years to the Museum of Technology. However, its undefined orientation meant that it did not function as a museum and, in practice, was used as a large venue for all kinds of events. Finally, it was decided to dedicate the Museum solely to the theme of the ribbon trade.

The Master Plan put in order a facility that is very interesting in architectural terms, one which, to date, had been operated in an improvised way without any clear criteria. Working with architects and designers, Transversal analysed its characteristics and potential and drew up an overall proposal whose aim was to combine two basic functions: a multipurpose area that can be used to hold events, concerts, exhibitions, congresses, etc., and the Ribbon Trade Museum.

The Master Plan was accompanied by a museographic project. The theoretical work was complemented with the implementation of the first stage to set up the Museum, consisting of selecting and distributing the items in the space and producing introductory displays.