Manresa, 1300

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A game to become a crafts person in medieval Manresa, created and managed by Grup Transversal

Llapí, a servant from the 14th century, opens the gates of Balç Street and invites visitors to become crafts people. With the costumes they're given, they become furriers, cobblers and fullers; and even muleteers.

This was the starting point of the role play "Manresa, 1300" which Transversal created, commissioned by Manresa Council, to be carried out in Balç Street, the city's most famous medieval thoroughfare. Transversal was in charge of managing the personnel and monitoring the activity, etc.

The participants had to make their guild the richest in the city. Only then could they pay for the best altarpiece for the cathedral or "Seu". To achieve this, various characters from the city proposed a series of games they had to win.