Management of the cultural services of Món Sant Benet

Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera

Since 2007

Món Sant Benet, Sant Benet de Bages (Barcelona)

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Complete management, visitor service and marketing for one of the country's most relevant cultural and tourism projects

Grup Transversal has been involved with the Món Sant Benet project since it first started and it's currently responsible for managing the Cultural Service and Educational Service teams. The management approach is person-centred to provide excellent, flexible visitor services that aim to ensure the financial viability of the whole facility by achieving certain visitor targets, applying a proactive management approach not only for those people visiting to the site but also to attract more visitors.
Transversal currently manages this remarkable facility through its subsidiary, Serveis Personals SL, whose main shareholder is Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera with Transversal as a minority shareholder.
This is one of the most paradigmatic cases of the "across the board" or transversal nature of the Group's work: planning, implementation and management to meet the targets set and achieve successful results.

Visitor services and bookings
This covers the following areas:
•    Managing bookings and requests for information.
•    Managing ticket points of sale.
•    Tourist information and on-site assistance.
•    Operations related to the areas open to visitors and circuits.

Educational services and guided activities
Since it was first opened, the aim of Món Sant Benet has been to provide innovative, distinctive educational services, becoming a benchmark in the sector and carrying out over 35,000 school activities every year. 
Transversal creates, produces and manages all the activities of the Educational Services which revolve around the historical setting (based on the monastery) and food (as Món Sant Benet is also home to the Alicia Foundation). Creating activities, selecting content, writing scripts, producing materials and even carrying out workshops all form part of Transversal's areas of responsibility.
A multidisciplinary team of around twenty professionals carries out the workshops and visits for all kinds of people:
•    Guided tours at the monastery.
•    Cooking and history workshops as well as visits to the monastery for schools and institutes.
•    Food workshops and discovery activities for families.
•    Activities for the general public and related to food at the Alicia Foundation.
•    Experiences to discover the surrounding area.
•    "After the meeting" activities for company groups holding congresses or meetings at Món Sant Benet.

Creating products and managing special activities
Apart from offering permanent activities for different kinds of visitors, since the project started Transversal has also helped to create and start up numerous initiatives that aim to raise awareness of the facility and attract even more visitors:
•    Creating seasonal activities such as "The Magic of Dusk at Món Sant Benet" and "The Romantic Soul of Món Sant Benet".
•    Organising special events such as the All Saints Market and Flavours of the Earth, with a special programme of activities and markets offering seasonal produce.
•    Creating and producing events for the general public such as Món Sant Benet's Living Nativity Scene.

Tourism marketing
The strategy to attract visitors is implemented by a team that's responsible for marketing all the facilities of the Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera.
Both domestic and international tourists are the target, as well as implementing other commercial actions aimed at more specific groups of people, such as companies, schools and families. All these groups have a specific marketing strategy to ensure each target is reached and the goals established are achieved.

Managing the shop
The Món Sant Benet Shop is a showcase for Catalonia's agricultural products and gastronomy and Transversal is responsible for managing this store which stocks a wide range of products ranging from wine and honey to cold meats and organic fruit and vegetables.