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AVINENT Science & Technology
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A graphic image and experiential place for Inmoovs, AVINENT's new product line

AVINENT is a company from the Bages region that stands out for its accumulated knowledge in the field of technology applied to the medical sector. Its experience in the design and manufacture of customised dental prostheses with 3D printing has led them to explore new challenges and innovate in their methods. Inmoovs emerged as a result of this spirit of constant reinvention, a project of podiatric centres with biomechanical studies to precisely analyse a person's movement and subsequently provide them with 100% personalised insoles. This plan has been materialised in a first centre where all these innovations will be put to the test.

To begin this new adventure, AVINENT commissioned Grup Transversal with the design and creation of the brand's graphic image: branding, style and brand manual, logo, etc. It wanted to communicate the idea of a podiatry centre for all kinds of people, modern and far removed from the traditional image projected by this type of practice. That's why Transversal designed the brand based on concepts such as innovation, technology, movement, personalisation and proximity.

To turn the centre into an experiential place and adapt it to the needs of the brand, Grup Transversal has also been in charge of conceptualising its interior. The centre has an innovative, energetic look designed to convey a sensation of movement, while each visit is conceived as dynamic, experienced along a route. The first zone is presided over by an audiovisual that explains the Inmoovs challenge, its goals and values; a second audiovisual explains the brand's work process and the method used; finally, visitors enter the consultation room where a biomechanical study will be carried out to analyse their movement.