Heydar Aliyev Interpretation Centre

Heydar Aliyev Foundation


Qax (Azerbaijan)

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<strong>Advanced, immersive museography at an interpretation centre to raise awareness of a region in the Republic of Azerbaijan</strong>

Grup Transversal has designed and implemented an interpretation centre in the city of Qax (Azerbaijan). This museum raises awareness of the region of Qax, both in terms of its natural resources and also the history of Azerbaijan. The project has been carried out for the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, an institution that commemorates a person considered to be one of the fathers of this republic in the Caucuses, who was the country's president for the first few years after it became independent from the USSR.

The interpretation centre covers around 800 m2, in the centre of Qax, a town with around 55,000 inhabitants in the north of Azerbaijan, close to the borders with Georgia and Russia and near the Caspian Sea. This has benefitted from advanced museographics, with latest generation sound and image resources, great 360-degree immersive audiovisuals, interactive elements, etc. This kind of museography has already been implemented by Grup Transversal in Spain and the company has now exported this to a country that does not have this know-how in advanced museography. The project is co-produced with a company from Turkey.