"Eix Tranversal" main road

Manresa Council, Vic Council, Lleida Council, Girona Council, Centre of Contemporary Culture, Caixa de Manresa, Barcelona Provincial Council, Lleida Provincial Council, Girona Provincial Council.



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Imaginary journey along the Eix Transversal to demonstrate the importance of the project and the possibilities it offers

Transversal was commissioned by a number of institutions to create an exhibition to highlight the importance of the Eix Transversal main road, as part of its inauguration. The exhibition was used as a way to inform those towns affected directly but also throughout Catalonia of the importance of this public work, which goes beyond a purely practical function to one affecting the economy, society and culture. Particular emphasis was placed on the new prospects available once this main road was opened.

The resulting exhibition proposed an imaginary journey with challenges for the future, using a highly elaborate setup of communicative media and resources. The first section talks about the background to the project. The main section is made up of a journey from Lleida to Girona, physically touching the territory and observing the actual situation of the Eix Transversal from several viewpoints. Visitors stop at the main towns, which reveal their different personalities and the key projects planned for the 21st century. A separate section, once the physical journey has ended, presents the main challenges for the future.